How To Copyright Serial and Periodical Works

Published: 04th June 2006
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If you are trying to register any type of newspaper, magazine or other periodically occurring work you should follow the copyright process as explained here. Serial and periodical works can generally be described as any work issued in parts that can be chronologically tracked by a numeric or alphabetical series.

The first step is to make sure that what you are registering is a serial/periodical work. In addition to the listed items above, the following also can be categorized as serial/periodical works. There are four forms for this category of copyright form SE, short form SE, form SE/Group and form G/DN. If you are registering a singular issue you can use either form SE or short form SE. Form SE/Group is used for a group of publications that were published in one three month period and created no more than one calendar year from the date of publication. For example a comic book could fall into this category. Form G/DN should be used for a daily newspaper if each issue is a new all collective work and is a work made for hire. Form G/DN should be used for a newsletter if each issue is a all new collective work and each work is a work made for hire.

The second step is to put together a package the appropriate form, a check for the filing fee made out to the "Register of Copyrights" and a non-returnable copy of the materials that are being registered. The forms can all be obtained at the copyright offices website at under the serials/periodicals tab. The filing fees are…

· Single Issue $30

· Group Registration $15 per issue ($45 minimum)

· Group Registration of Newspapers or Newsletters $55

Finally address the package to…

Library of Congress

Copyright Office

101 Independence Avenue, S.E.

Washington, D.C.20559-6000

As soon as the copyright office receives your package and confirms that it has been received in proper order your copyright is considered to be in effect. You will receive written confirmation in the mail shortly thereafter.

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